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This Week in Palestine is the only English-language magazine that is published in occupied Palestine. It is a monthly periodical with a distribution of 12,000 copies reaching all major cities and towns in Palestine.

This Week in Palestine takes pride in its editorial section, where prominent Palestinian writers regularly contribute their articles. Being thematic in its approach, different topics are featured each month, such as Palestinian food, economy, health, women, youth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, cultural centers, and cultural heritage.

The magazine also publishes the most comprehensive list of monthly cultural events that take place in each Palestinian city. Among its regular sections
also are the /personality of the month/, the /artist /and /book of the month/ in which Palestinian personalities, artists and books are highlighted.
A Palestinian website is also reviewed in each edition, as well as a Palestinian restaurant. New Palestinian CD releases are always given space, and creative cultural events are often featured.

The magazine also includes a directory of cultural centers throughout Palestine, as well as hotels, restaurants, museums, travel agencies, transportation, airlines, diplomatic missions, clinics, banks, emergency numbers, and website links. Updated statistics on Palestine are also published, as well as maps of the major cities.

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