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The city of Qalqilia is situated on the longitude and latitude of ( 17750/ 14690). It is about 65 meters above sea. The city has a distinguished geographical site for being located in the Palestinian coastal plain. The East side of this plain reaches the oldest heights of Nablus.

Forming a Natural separation point between the plain from the West and the mountain from the East.

In the ancient times it was a Passway for trade caravans and military raids.
It was a transportation net for many roads joining many Palestinian Cities as Tulkarem, Haifa, Jaffa, Lid, Ramla, Al Majdal and Gaza in the southern West, and Nablus, Jerusalem, and Hebron from the east.

Qalqila was originated on a flat plain part of the Palestinian coastal plain adjoined to the old heights from the east., and some valleys from the north and south. These villages sometimes overflood in winter. It was and still is an important site hat served the agricultural and trade purposes. Some sources point out that its oldest location is about five kilometers far from the north of Ras al Ein, today it is one of the nearest villages to Qalqilia.

Other sources point out that its oldest location lies in the villag of Habla near Qalqilia. These assumptions are far from being true, for I think Qalqilia was near the old Omari Mosque in the old city. News ands tales pointed out that it was a small village surrounding its buildings and old well. It was a route for Caravans visited by the shepherds and their cattle. A few number of people worked in agriculture or were farmers and raised cattle. Their buildings centered round the old mosque.

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