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Jericho: The City of Palms

Jericho is the oldest town in the world, dating back more than 10,000 years. It lies 260 meters below sea level, making it also the lowest town on earth. Known as the 'City of Palms', Jericho contains some of the world's most important historic sites and is frequently mentioned in the Bible. Jericho's contribution to civilization is unique. The domestication of plants and animals and the invention of pottery took place in ancient Jericho 1000 years before Mesopotamia and Egypt, while the walls and towers of Jericho preceded the pyramids of Egypt by 4000 years. Jericho's moderate climate makes it a favorite winter resort. It is an important agricultural area, producing fresh fruits, and vegetables year round. Jericho dates, bananas and citrus fruits are especially famous. Located 36 km east of Jerusalem, Jericho is on the road to Amman and at the junction of the highway to Galilee.

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